An Overview of a Career as an Electrical Engineer

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Photo credit here.

An electrical engineer is a great career choice for those that like to use high tech equipment to solve problems. They work with electrical equipment for things such as electric motors, navigation systems, radars, communication devices, automobiles, aircrafts, and power generators.

Improving products, conducting detailed measurements for manufacturing, and testing to ensure products meet regulatory bodies and codes are just a few duties an electrical engineer does. They also utilize electrical power to investigate problems and they collaborate with project managers on electrical production efforts. They are called on to look at outcomes and help ensure projects are completed on time, within budget guidelines and satisfactorily.

An electrical engineer also can develop and develop electronic equipment such as communication and broadcast systems including everything from a portable music device to global positioning systems.

It takes a bachelor’s degree to obtain an entry level position as an electrical engineer. Their average salary is reported at $87,180.  As you can see, electrical engineers pull down a great living. The job outlook is a bit behind the average 10% growth rate at just 6%.

Even though one cannot obtain an electrical engineering degree by on the job training, employers certainly value practical experience. Therefore, it is wise to be a part of cooperative engineering program where a student can work for academic credit. These are sometimes called internships.

An electrical engineer typically works in an office setting using the testing equipment and recording the results. The computer is a valuable tool also for running different tests and putting the output data in forms and reports.

There are many different applications or areas that employ electrical engineers such as commercial, industrial, military or scientific. Each area has its own needs and some will require security clearance as they are in areas of new design that could be a military or scientific secret. Patient lives could be at stake in the medical realm.

Another engineering program is similar – namely an electronic engineer.  They use engineering and design software, test theories, and discuss existing products.   If you are someone who likes working with complex electrical machines to find solutions to problems, this may be the vocation for you.