Do Teaching Degrees Prepare Teachers For The “Real World?”

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Photo credit here.

Being a teacher you must be prepared for many more things that may arise and have a god understanding of exactly how to deal with each scenario properly. Although to a teacher it seems when they receive that piece of paper that says they are qualified to teach that they are prepared, many teachers would agree that there are many untold stories and situations that commonly happen in the classroom.

Many people think teachers just have to give simple instructions and make sure kids aren’t cheating during a test but there are a lot of lesser known things that teachers have to deal with in order to get through the day and onto the next.

What teachers do in the classroom would make most people want to quit after working within weeks. First, we all think that teachers are the ones in control, and hypothetically they are, but a successful teacher must adapt to their students’ needs to show that control. Every single day is different and you never know who is going to be the problem-student. It is a challenge that each teacher must deal with and has to continually alter the way they deliver their curriculum and give instructions because one student can throw the whole day off.

Although we rely on teachers to educate our children and the adults of the future, they have a larger role than that. Teachers parent our children as well and in most cases students spend more time with their teachers than their family does and teachers take that into consideration. Whether it is emotional support or academic struggle, a teacher is there for the students to go to for any problems they may have during the day.

All in all, what teachers do in the classroom is an amazing thing that many of us take for granted. We may think that piece of paper that says they are qualified to teach means they are prepared to take on such a difficult job, it isn’t for everybody but luckily we have the many individuals that feel they can take on the challenge and prepare the adults of the future.