Mechanical Engineering Expert Witness To Testify In Lawsuit Against Toyota

There has been an explosive turn of events in the St.Paul, MN lawsuit against motor juggernaught Toyota. The mechanical engineering expert witness, John Stilson, is to testify against the company in the case involving a fatal crash in 2006 of a 1997 Toyota Camry.

The driver, Koua Fong Lee, crashed into the back another car whic220px-Akio_Toyoda_h led to the tragic death of a child. Toyota is one of the big brand car makers that have brought back vehicles due to “unintended acceleration”.

The term “sudden unintended acceleration” is described by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Admission, the judicators of all road safety, as an “unintended or unexpected high-power acceleration from a stationary position, or a very low initial speed with a loss of break effectiveness”

Stilson is an authority on the subject, as he holds a degree in mechanical engineering. Formerly a consultant at Ford, the oral arguments for Toyota are to be held on December 12th. In September, the law firm who are protecting Toyota moved to throw out the law suit involving Mr. Lee.

The problem that Toyota raised with the claims is that the expert, Mr Stilson, did not provide his evidence by the given deadline, and he failed to show any real facts in his accusations against Toyota.

Furthermore, Toyota made the point that the defendant could not know if he was warned about the problems prior to the incident, as he could neither provide evidence he had an instruction manual, or be able to understand it due to a lack of fluent English understanding. Both of these claims could no doubt hurt the case for the defence, but it Is yet to be seen what the outcome will be when the discussions begin in December.