What Can You Do With A Criminal Justice Degree?

criminal justiceBefore taking a degree on criminal justice, one of the important questions that most people would ask you is what can you do with a criminal justice degree. There are people who would end up getting confused on the career that they would get after they finish their degree and whether they have other choices or not.

It is necessary that before you can even take a particular degree, setting up a dream career on your mind would help in pursuing the degree or just shift on another course. In this way, you are assured that you have enough motivation in finishing the degree and later on, get the job you want.

Most of the people who would that choose to study criminal justice¬† don’t want to become a paralegal. This is a job, however, that many people want due; the fact that they are able to work alongside a real lawyer and even experience what it is like with handling criminal cases.

You just have to make sure that you have gone to a credible school and have acquired enough knowledge to impress your future employer on the career that you have chosen to pursue. The following are some of the jobs that you can get after a criminal justice degree. The first is:

As mentioned, this is the job that would help lawyers to prepare whatever is needed for certain cases they handle and may have a yearly salary of over $49,000. Though you can perform jobs same as what fully qualified attorneys or lawyer do, you are not allowed to offer any legal advice to any clients.

Though it may take time because of the training needed before you can be an agent, you are assured that you can tackle cases against any crimes as soon as you become an agent. As an agent you are trained to be given various kinds of responsibilities, aside from enforcing federal law in their own area of assignments. Starters would often have an annual compensation of over $39,000, while those who are in the field for years may reach $81,000 per year.

With an annual salary of about $55,000 or more, police officers are considered the front liners needed for the US criminal justice system. Their job is to help in apprehending criminals and preventing crimes from happening throughout the community where they are assigned.

  • Crime Scene or Forensic Investigator

Having a yearly salary of over $55,000, these people are responsible in working on the field by collecting evidences in a particular crime scene. As they collect evidences and analyze in the lab they are able to reconstruct previous events that can help in supporting or contradicting statements released by eyewitnesses or fill in possible events that have happened especially when there are no eyewitnesses available.

These are just some of the jobs that you can get after you have finished the degree on any of the criminal justice schools where you have enrolled. There are more jobs that you can choose from but it would depend on your interest and on your perseverance to do the job that you can get after you attain a degree.