What You Need To Know For a Career in Pet Nutrition

What You Need To Know For a Career in Pet Nutrition

If you have a love of animals and are either a veterinarian or a veterinary technician, you can specialize and get the training needed to become a pet nutritionist. This is not a career that one can just walk into and requires special certification and training but for those already in the pet field, this specialized training is a way to help pet owners learn about the best nutrition for their dogs.

Pet nutritionists learn all about animals and what they eat to be their healthiest. They also learn how to spot nutritional deficiencies and can help dog owners create a good eating plan for their pets. Of course what a pet nutritionist will do is base the eating plan on what size the dog is. Small and medium dogs will eat very different amounts than large dogs and their nutritional needs are different based on their size as well.

During your training you will learn how to assess the nutritional value of different pet foods and know which ones to counsel pet owners on.  You will also work with your clients to handle any eating problems their dogs may be having. There is a lot of schooling involved in becoming a pet nutritionist and it should never be a job that someone tries to do without the proper training and certifications.

Although it may seem like a lot of schooling to go through, you will have a career that enables you to help dog owners feed their pets the right foods to keep them healthy and happy for years. Depending on whether you decide to become a veterinary technician with a specialization in pet nutrition or whether you want to go all the way and get your veterinarian degree, your patients/clients will appreciate that extra training you have gotten.

This special training will make them feel very confident in both your ability to help them keep their dogs healthy and the fact that you are the best person to talk to whenever there is any issue with your dog being off their food for any reason.

If you decide to become a vet tech, you will need to attend a two or four year school and get your veterinarian technician’s licensing.  You will have classes in animal diseases, animal science, animal anatomy and physiology and other classes like chemistry, math and physics.  Once you have gotten your vet tech license, you can then apply for being able to go on and become a specialized pet nutritionist.  Your total schooling will be in the 6-7 year range.

If you are going after your veterinarian degree, you’re looking at around 10 years of schooling including the 8 years it takes to become a veterinarian. It’s a career to be taken seriously and if you decide to go after it, you will need to be committed to get through the years of schooling and hard requirements but in the end when you have your certifications under your belt and you’re able to help pet owners take care of their pets, you will love that you stuck with it.

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